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Topic: Preparing and cementing a monolithic crown

  • The aesthetic development of Zirconia
  • The indication of monolithic ceramic materials
    Speaker: Patrick Oosterwijk
    Date/Time: April 12 | 19.30 pm

For the past two years, the use of monolithic ceramic materials has dramatically increased in dentistry. Why would you choose for monolithic crown and bridgework and for which indications is this technique available. Patrick Oosterwijk, Director Scientific Relations at Elysee Dental will answer these questions during this webinar. In addition, Patrick gives insight into the cementing procedure of the ceramic monolithic materials.

Patrick Oosterwijk is a dental technician since 1985. After obtaining his degree IVT, the development of dental technology always occupied a prominent place in his career. This has ensured that TTL Oosterwijk has stepped ahead in the world of dental technology and could develop further. After Joining the Elysee Dental Group he has been director Scientific Relations, among others responsible for our dental laboratories for our dental laboratories established within the ACTA, the UMCG and centre for special dental care. He also gives lectures on various digitisation and materials used in dental technology.

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