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Think Digital event in Hong Kong 20.04.24 – 26.04.24

We are very excited to invite you to a new format of 3 days of knowledge sharing with 5 keynote lectures and break-outs sessions consulting of 6 different rotating workshops to practically exercise and enhance skills in an extremely inspiring and dynamic environment. The education/scientific program will be onsite at the world’s largest dental laboratory. You can see and feel the dynamics and ambitions of the Modern Dental Group to support dentists around the world with innovative solutions as well as the vibe of Hong Kong, Dongguan and Macau (where you will be visiting a spectacular show).

Learn about the holistic approach of combining aligner and restoration or aligner and composite treatments and how to achieve considerably better clinical results. Dentistry is evolving fast and technology 2.0 enables us to solve complex cases with minimal invasiveness based on new and very exciting diagnostic and simulation tools. We will get you into the most advanced digital workflows for a wide range of indications. You will be equipped with the right knowledge and bring into practice all you learned being home again.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join this unique program. You will meet dentist colleagues from 11 European countries where Modern Dental has subsidiaries. The lectures and workshops will be held in English. The number of participants is limited to 140.

Torsten Schwafert
CEO Modern Dental Europe


Program Symposium & Hands-on workshops

SATURDAY 20.04.2024 Departure from different EU countries

SUNDAY 21.04.2024 Arrival Hong Kong per country

MONDAY 22.04.2024
Transfer to Dongguan and visit Modern Dental Lab

TUESDAY 23.04.2024 
Lecture and workshop day

WEDNESDAY 24/04/2024
Lecture and workshop day

THURSDAY 25.04.2024 Visit Hong Kong with Hop-On Hop-Off bus

FRIDAY 26.04.2024 Flight back

General information


The fee for this event is 2.250 € p.p. and 1.500 € for the accompanying person. Flight costs are not included.

For the flights we partner with Open Skies and we will provide a bundle offer for Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich and Copenhagen. Open Skies will also be happy to assist you with your individual flight schedule (https://www.openskies.nl)


Upon registration, we will invoice 50% and your registration is only considered complete when the invoice is paid. The second 50% will be invoiced in March 2024 with a 30-day payment term.
In case you cancel your appointment before departure, the prepayment will not be refunded. A cancellation insurance has to be arranged by every individual participant and can be purchased for the airplane ticket.


You can contact us via email: thinkdigital@moderndental.eu.


24 points of education according to BZÄK/DGZMK can be acquired.


Explore the RAYFace and its sophisticated technology and design which bring a new level of efficiency, precision and comfort to the treatment process, providing patients and dental professionals with a life-changing experience.

We discover how to take a Face scan in a fraction of a second and how the intra-oral scans and CT data automatically align the virtual face. We learn how the 3D virtual patient can be analyzed using cutting-edge facially driven technology for aesthetic and functional smile design.

Furthermore, we learn how the 3D virtual patient is used in the lab for facial-driven digital treatment planning, resulting in a new smile created from the face. All the benefits of the RAYFace in a practical hands-on session!


Treating your patient with aligners include some specific actions. In order to move both space and force are required. When expansion and proclination of elements do not provide enough space, IPR (interproximal reduction) will be prescribed. With this workshop, we will train you on how to read the treatment timeline with regard to IPR and to perform this reduction correctly by using the attachment template. We will also show which instruments are on the market to do this efficiently.

Another action is placing the designed attachments. These are composite auxiliaries on the tooth surface that provide extra and specific forces for more complex movements of teeth. You will learn how to read the clinical card and how to place these attachments correctly. Tips for monitoring the condition of these attachments during treatment will be given.


The Composite Forma®-Injection Technique (F.I.T.) is a unique solution to treat tooth surface loss in a quick, easy, predictable and efficient way. In this no-prep technique, a direct flowable micro-filled resin hybrid composite is used to achieve a perfect, total rehabilitation. Discover all details on this biomimetic solution treating tooth surface loss / tooth wear and trauma cases using an efficient workflow to improve aesthetics and function.

In this hands-on session we practise the injection technique on models and share tips & tricks.


An individual perfect matching crown at an affordable price. OptiCrown offers the perfect outcome even in the most challenging anterior cases. Explore this new solution for shade matching that surpasses all other digital color measurement devices on the market with its accuracy and repeatability.

Learn how to use the OptiShade device in a practical demo and hands-on session and understand the world of colorimetry and how Matisse software calculates, using AI, the recipes and ceramic powder mixings necessary for the given individual case.


Learn about the newly developed scan strategy which uses both an IOS and Lo Russo retractors and provides us the accurate IOS data on the implant positions. Discover the 3 step workflow which offers a significant reduction in chair time. In terms of accuracy and predictability we reach the highest levels and are able to offer a high-end passive fitting aesthetic full arch implant restoration. Fixed or removable, different options are available and each option has its own features and benefits to fulfil the patients demands.

A practical demo and hands-on session of the new scan strategy and exploration of the product options for Fixed and removable All-on-X cases!


Did you know there is a scan strategy for edentulous arches?

Discover and embrace the benefits of the EVO FUSION digital dentures where the use of the unique Lo Russo retractors and the accompanying scanning strategy unleashes a true revolution. Until recently, the digital prosthesis was only truly digital on the production side, in the lab the entire production process has already been digitized, which leads to a stronger, better fitting prosthesis. On the clinical side, scanning a conventional impression with an IOS was the “digital“ option. Thanks to the Lo Russo retractors, an edentulous jaw can now be scanned in a passive state. We learn about the difference between muco-compression and muco-static (IOS scan) concepts and how denture retention works for both options. In the hands-on session we explore the scan strategy from the practical side.


Dr. Ronald Chan
President Modern Dental Group

Torsten Schwafert
CEO Modern Dental Europe BV


Roeland De Paepe
Head Product Management Europe at the Modern Dental Group

Marie-Pierre Moulin-Romsee
Dentist/Product Management Manager TrioClear™ Europe

Patrick Oosterwijk
Managing director Elysee Dental The Netherlands

Prof. Dr. Lucio Lo Russo
Professor of Odontostomatology and Periodontology at the School of Dentistry of the University of Foggia, Italy

Dr. Simon Parsons
Clinician/Dentolegal Consultant

Dr. John K.P. Yau
Honorary Clinical Assistant Professor, The University Of Hong Kong

Dr. Jasper Thoolen
Chef De Clinique

Dr. Gaetan Van de Vyvere
Maxillofacial Surgeon